Air quality

Phoenix smoke sensor

Protect yourself and your home from fire damage

od 2 850 Kč

Canary - air quality meter

Check the temperature, dampness and CO₂ concentration

4 180 Kč

Smart air quality meters using the ZOOCO app

Monitor the temperature, dampness and CO2 concentration in a room or a building with an air quality sensor using the ZOOCO app.

All you have to do is put the CANARY air quality sensor on the spot where you need to monitor the temperature, dampness and CO2 concentration.

Thanks to its regular checks, you’ll know about the air quality change anytime and any where.

Věra, 43
"I would never thought of a leaking dishwasher. And yet, it happened to me and the water ruined my kitchen floor completely. I’d rather bought a flood sensor, so I don’t have to worry anymore."
Věra, 43
Petr, 32
"In our tenement, we must leave one window without bars due to fire protection. We decided to install a magnetic opening detector on it. In case of thieves, five residents will be alerted right away."
Petr, 32
Josef, 58
"My cabin is very close to the Lužnice river and just about every year, my ground floor is flooded. I bought a flood sensor. As soon as the water reaches inside, I get an SMS. Thanks to it, I manage to arrive in time to carry all my stuff to the floor above."
Josef, 58