Shark the electrometer reader

Monitor your photo-voltaic electricity production

Shark the electrometer reader

We have the solution

Monitoring the output of your solar power plant

The remote eletrometer Shark can read your electrometer on your solar powerplant. It’s usable for all electrometers with the S0 output.

Easy installation

The devices is installed directly into the eletrometer. The device is connected by an expert according to the bill 50/1978 Sb. (§5-11).

Measured values in one spot

The data is sent several times a day to the ZOOCO app, where you can display all the measured data graphically.

Long life

The AA battery powering the device can last up to 5 years. ZOOCO app will alert you about low battery in time.

Alert when values go over the configured threshold

If the production goes over or under a configured threshold in given time period, you’ll be alerted by mobile notification, SMS or e-mail.

Doesn’t require an internet connection

The device works on Sigfox network, covering 95% of Czech Republic. Thus, you don’t need wi-fi nor SIM card.

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor
  • Czech web-based and mobile app ZOOCO is accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  • You’ll see all the measured electricity data in structured graphs.
  • When there’s an unexpected jump in the data, you’ll receive a push notification, SMS or e-mail.
  • You can share the sensor data with more people. You can also remove people from sharing at any time.

Where can you use the sensor?


Thanks to structured graphs, you’ll easily see the effectivity of your photo-voltaic power plant in a given time period.


You don’t need complex devices to measure power surplus supplied into the network. You can install the Shark sensor directly into the electrometer.


You’ll see the measured values immediately in the app, accessible through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Shark the electrometer reader

Price for the sensor 2 900 CZK
Yearly subscription price 
290 CZK

Total price
3 190  CZK
- +

The sensor activation can not be simpler

  • You can add the device into your ZOOCO app account by QR code or by copying the activation code found in the packaging.
  • In the app, you’ll easily configure the phone number or e-mail to send notifications of the sensor.
  • Mount the Shark electrometer reader into the electrometer using S0. To connect, you can also use the sensor type with two cables.
  • Within an hour after activation, you should be able to see first data in the ZOOCO app.

Sensor parameters


Network type Sigfox
Coverage RCZ1 (esp. Europe)
Signal reach in countryside 50~km, in a city 3–5 km

Power supply

Battery 1× 3.6V battery SAFT LS 14500x
Average battery life 5 years (according to the sensory mode and frequency of impulses)
External power source 5–12~V DC (on the clamp)
Power voltage tolerance 10~%, -15~%
Power consumption in sleep mode 0.2~mW
Power consumption in active broadcast mode 150~mW

Installation and usage

Sensor choices With a message and configuration pins / factory default
Data representation ZOOCO app
Sensor connectivity Terminal blocks, cables vodiče 0.5–1~mm²
Supported sensors LS (LED senzor)
Cable entry system M16 × 1.5 for a cable ø max. 10 mm

More information

Installation location Any
Coverage IP65
Mass 100~g (without batteries)
Dimensions 182 x 62 x 34 mm / 96 x 62 x 34 mm (without antenna)

Other texts

Operating temperature -30~°C, +60~°C (mind the battery temperature range)

Shark measures electricity through the Sigfox network.

More about Sigfox

Check the signal availability
You can configure all the notification rules<br/>in the ZOOCO app.

You can configure all the notification rules
in the ZOOCO app.

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