Lioness motion detector

Guard your household 24/7 easily

Lioness motion detector

We have the solution

Reliable household security

Lioness motion detector can secure your household in full, discovering movement with 12 meters radius. A configurable sound alarm can discourage unwanted visitors.

Easy installation and sensitivity configuration

You’ll simply place the Lioness detector into the room you want to guard. The sensitivity is configurable, eg. to make sure your pets won’t trigger the alarm.

Activity check in the app

You can display the messages history from Lioness in a simple app. Thus, you can check your object from anytime and anywhere.

Protection against intentional damage

The device will recognize someone wants to remove or damage it. When the lid is open, it will send a special message to the app. You can therefore recognize attempts to manipulate the device.

Alert upon unexpected movement

As soon as an unwanted movement is detected within the object, the device will alert on a mobile phone, SMS or e-mail. You can also share the device data with other people, who can step in instead of you.

Doesn’t require an internet connection

The device works on NB-IoT/Sigfox network, which covers 99% of the area with an outdoor signal. Thus, you don’t need wi-fi nor SIM card.

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor
  • Czech web-based and mobile app ZOOCO is accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  • You’ll see all the movement activity scanned by the Lioness sensor simply in one history list.
  • Upon unexpected movement within the object, you’ll be alerted immediately.
  • You can share the sensor data with more people. You can also remove people from sharing at any time.

Where can you use the sensor?


Monitor your home, when you’re absent. A configurable sound alarm discourages intruders.


Guard valuables in your office. You’ll immediately know about unexpected movement in the object.


Outsmart thiefs in non-residential premises and secure your storage room, shop, restaurant or office.

Lioness motion detector

Price for the sensor 2 700 CZK
Yearly subscription price 
290 CZK

Total price
2 990  CZK
- +

The sensor activation can not be simpler

  • You can add the device into your ZOOCO app account by QR code or by copying the activation code found in the packaging.
  • In the app, you’ll easily configure the phone number or e-mail to send notifications of the sensor.
  • Simply place the Lioness motion detector into the object you want to guard. You can mount it vertically on a wall.
  • To check the functionality, walk around the room and try which movements are detected by the sensor. You can modify its sensitivity accordingly.

Sensor parameters


Network type NB-IoT/Sigfox
Coverage Europe
Signal reach 100 % of outdoor area coverage and 94% of indoor population covered
Frequency range 868 MHz

Power supply

Battery Alcalic, sensor 2× 1,5V, AA battery model
Average battery life 2 years (depends on location and movement in the room)
Battery capacity 1 750 mAh
Power consumption in sleep mode 80 μA
Power consumption in active broadcast mode 50 mA

Installation and usage

Mechanical fastening Screws, glueing or standing freely
Data representation ZOOCO app
Detection angle 105°
Recommended operation height 2,2 m
Detection distance 12 m

More information

Coverage IP20
Mass Sensor 46 x 105 x 43 mm
Dimensions Sensor 62 g (excl. batteries)
Package contents 1× motion sensor incl. batteries

Other texts

Operating temperature Sensor 0 °C to 50 °C
Lioness watches all the movement thanks to NB‑IoT/Sigfox connectivity.

Lioness watches all the movement thanks to NB‑IoT/Sigfox connectivity.

More about Sigfox More about NB‑IoT

Check the signal availability
You can configure all the notification rules<br/>in the ZOOCO app.

You can configure all the notification rules
in the ZOOCO app.

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