Smart button Foxy

Control everything from the comfort of your home by simply pressing a button

Smart button Foxy

We have the solution

You can’t find any simpler controls

FOXY smart button is a universal solution for controlling, warning or monitoring your selected object in realtime. It works greatly as an emergency signal in nursing homes, hospitals and similar institutions.

Forever wake

Foxy will alert you using the ZOOCO app, when anything happens. You can configure the notification texts by your needs. Thus, you’ll be constantly informed.

Activity check in the app

The smart button allows up to 50 events a day. You can check the activity in the app in a simple history list and configure your notifications there, by mobile notification, SMS or e-mail.

Determines a short and long press

The button will recognize a short push (cca 1 second) or a long press (10 seconds). All the messages you’ll see as a history list. When the device sends a message, the diode will blink in red. You can be sure the device works.

Long life

Integrated battery powering the smart button can last up to 10 years, depending on the number of messages sent to the app. The device will alert you about low battery.

Doesn’t require an internet connection

The device works on Sigfox network, covering 95% of Czech Republic. Thus, you don’t need wi-fi nor SIM card.

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor
  • Czech web-based and mobile app ZOOCO is accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  • All the messages sent by the Foxy smart button will be displayed in a simple history list.
  • We watch the device functionality for you. If the device sends no message in 24 hours straight, you’ll be notified.
  • You can share the sensor data with more people. You can also remove people from sharing at any time.

Where can you use the sensor?


You can call out for help in any situation. You can bring the smart button with you at all times.


Simply order dinner even in the moments, when you’re crazily busy.


It can suit you as a remote doorbell as well.

Smart button Foxy

Price for the sensor 709 CZK
Yearly subscription price 
290 CZK

Total price
999  CZK
- +

The sensor activation can not be simpler

  • You can add the smart button into ZOOCO app by copying the activation code. You’ll find it in the package of the product.
  • Press and hold the button for 30 seconds. By that, you’ll configure the sensor.
  • The smart button sends regular messages to the app. You can configure the ZOOCO app to alert you via e-mail, SMS or mobile notification.
  • You can adapt all notification texts in the app to your liking.

Sensor parameters


Network type Sigfox
Coverage RCZ1 (esp. Europe)
Signal reach in countryside 50 km, in a city 3–5 km
Frequency range 868 MHz
Uplink mode 12 bytes / 50 messages a day
Downlink mode 12 bytes / 1 message a day

Power supply

Battery integrated non-replaceable battery
Average battery life 10 years (at least 4000 messages from the sensor), according to number of clicks

Installation and usage

Mechanical fastening not necessary
Data representation ZOOCO app

More information

Installation location The sensor works in any position, you can wear it on yourself
Coverage IP67
Mass 17 g
Dimensions 65 × 29 × 10 mm
Package contents 1× Foxy smart button, integrated battery, 1× activation manual, 1× technical specifications

Other texts

Certification Sigfox Class 1, CE, End Product Certificate P_00B1_992E_01

Foxy smart button can control anything from anywhere thanks to Sigfox network.

More about Sigfox

Check the signal availability
You can configure all the notification rules<br/>in the ZOOCO app.

You can configure all the notification rules
in the ZOOCO app.

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