Phoenix smoke sensor

Protect yourself and your home from fire damage

Phoenix smoke sensor

We have the solution

Housefire doesn’t concern you

You can simply place the Phoenix sensor into a room where the fire danger is imminent. It can reliably guard kitchens, fireplaces, boiler rooms or non-residential premises. We offer 2 types of Phoenix, you can simply choose.

Regular smoke detection

The measurement period is 10 seconds. When the devices detects first traces of smoke, it can send a mobile notification, SMS or e-mail. You can also share the device data with other people, who can step in instead of you.

Activity check in the app

Every 24 hours the device says everything is alright. You can check the device activity in ZOOCO app. Therefore, you may monitor your premises from anywhere and at any time.

Safeguard LED diode

When the message is sent to ZOOCO app, the diode will flash briefly each 10 seconds. You can therefore simply check the device works. Upon smoke detection, the diode will turn red.

Long life

Integrated lithium battery powering the sensor can last up to 10 years, depending on the number of sent messages.

Doesn’t require an internet connection

The device works on Sigfox network, covering 95% of Czech Republic. Thus, you don’t need wi-fi nor SIM card.

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor

ZOOCO app is free with the sensor
  • Czech web-based and mobile app ZOOCO is accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  • All the activity of the Phoenix smoke detector in a simple history list.
  • When smoke is detected in the air, you’ll be immediately notified by a mobile notification, SMS or e-mail.
  • You can share the sensor data with more people. You can also remove people from sharing at any time.

Where can you use the sensor?


It will recognize microscopic smoke leakage in the boiler room and alert you via mobile notification, SMS or e-mail.


It will alert you about smoke in the kitchen, regardless whether it’s caused by the cooker or the oven.


Starting July 1st 2008, a new bill 23/2008 Sb. is in effect, about technical conditions of building fire protection.

Phoenix smoke sensor

Sensor type
Price for the sensor 2 660 CZK
Yearly subscription price 
190 CZK

Total price
2 850  CZK
- +

The sensor activation can not be simpler

  • You can add the device into your ZOOCO app account by QR code or by copying the activation code found in the packaging.
  • In the app, you’ll easily configure the phone number or e-mail to send notifications of the sensor.
  • The smoke is detected regularly each 10 seconds. Upon first traces of smoke, you’ll get a mobile notification, SMS or e-mail.
  • You can adapt all notification texts in the app to your liking.

Sensor parameters


Network type Sigfox
Coverage RCZ1 (esp. Europe)
Signal reach in countryside 50 km, in a city 3–5 km
Frequency range 868 MHz
Uplink mode 12 bytes / 2 messages a day
Downlink mode none

Power supply

Battery integrated non-replaceable battery
Average battery life 10 years, according to the number of sent alarms

Installation and usage

Mechanical fastening vertical mounting on the wall in the room, where you want smoke to be detected, up to 7 m high
Reading method optical smoke particles detector
Data representation ZOOCO app
Detection distance Max. 50 m2
Readout precision 99,9 %

More information

Installation location vertical
Coverage IP40
Fixation screws
Mass 150 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 mm
Package contents 1× Phoenix smoke sensor, 1× main mounting area with output, 1× activation manual, 1× technical specifications, mounting screws
Test button none

Other texts

Operating temperature -10°C to +40°C
Certification Sigfox Class O, CE RoHS

Smoke sensor Phoenix sniffs for smoke thanks to the Sigfox network.

More about Sigfox

Check the signal availability
You can configure all the notification rules<br/>in the ZOOCO app.

You can configure all the notification rules
in the ZOOCO app.

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